Safe Harbor Bruce & Johnson’s Customer Appreciation Day

Someone once said “the best hot dogs are the ones with a baseball game in front of them”.  I’ve had a few of those and, admittedly, they were pretty darn good.  Most people would be surprised to learn that I have literally had only three or four hot dogs at only two or three major league baseball games in my lifetime.  This arguably shocking statistic is not because I don’t like baseball, it’s because I am a boater.  When “the boys of summer” are beginning their season, I’m busy getting my boat ready.  To me, the perfect baseball game viewing-venue would be the cockpit of an Islander 36 while sailing past Giants Stadium on San Francisco Bay.

During my 50+ years of boating I’ve had a lot of hot dogs.  Many of them have been served with marina views.  I’ve had them at pristine, professional marinas and I’ve had them at run-down “mom & pop” boatyards.  I’ve had them at well-run yacht clubs with great managers, yacht clubs with terrible managers, and yacht clubs with no managers.  I’ve had hotdogs that have been cooked for me, and ones I’ve cooked myself.  All of them have been good and all were served with great views.

These days, I’m not eating many hot dogs.  In fact, I’m not eating any at all.  However, my first mate still does.  “I just need one a year”.  Fortunately, we’ve found one of the very best hot dogs, with some of the very best views, served by some of the very best people in the boating industry.

Safe Harbor Bruce & Johnson’s Customer Appreciation Day.

It’s nice to be appreciated!

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